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If you have partnered with an organization that uses the Influence dashboard to manage your data, you will have your own view of the dashboard to view your campaigns, analytics, earnings, and more. This guide will give you an overview of how to log into your dashboard and navigate your main features of Influence.

Logging into your dashboard 

You can log into Influence using the login URL that the network or agency you've partnered with has shared with you. You can login with one of your connected social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, X (Twitter), Twitch, or Instagram, or you can login with the email the network has on file for you.


Navigating your dashboard

Main dashboard

Once logged into Influence, you'll see the main Dashboard tab, which lists your connected social media accounts, potential ongoing or upcoming brand campaigns, and the days remaining until your next payment.image5.png


If the network or agency you're partnered with tracks your brand campaigns through Influence, you will be able to see their campaign history on the Campaigns tab. This tab displays new campaign opportunities that have been sent to you, with the option to accept or decline them, in addition to an overview of active, upcoming, and completed campaigns.image11.png

By clicking into one of the campaigns listed on this page, you can see the posts that you have published for that campaign. It will also show potential campaign post requirements that you have yet to publish. If you need to submit your post for approval before publishing it, you also can do so via this page.Screenshot


The Analytics tab allows you to view analytics on your connected social media accounts across the different platforms — with everything from follower growth and engagements to impressions and estimated YouTube revenue — all in one place. You can select a time period and account of your choice and click into one of the metrics to see a detailed breakdown of the account’s analytics over time.Screenshot


Under the Apps tab, the network or agency can share third-party tools for you to access. You can read a short description for each app, and if you click on it, you will be redirected to the third-party service.


The Earnings tab displays a history of your monthly earnings. You will see the total Gross and Net earnings from YouTube on the left-hand side of the screen, in addition to any line items added. Use the Month drop-down menu to view earnings for a different month. The middle of the screen lists your connected YouTube accounts and respective earnings. You can click on each channel to see a breakdown of your earnings for that specific channel.Screenshot

If you would like to see upcoming revenue, you can get an idea of your recent earnings by going to the Analytics tab in your dashboard and looking at the Estimated Net Revenue graphs for each YouTube channel.


The Guides tab provides any guides that the network or agency has chosen to share with you. Some examples of guides may be from important updates from the network or resources to help you foster your social media accounts.


The Documents tab will show any documents that you have added to your personal influencer profile, such as contracts, etc. You can view and download any documents added to your profile.


The Accounts tab lists all of the social media accounts you have connected to your profile. Under this tab, you can check if any account needs authorization. You also have the option to connect more accounts. By clicking into any of the listed accounts, you will find information about any potential contract you've signed and or granted data permissions.Screenshot


The Settings tab allows you to update any of your personal information. This page has three subsections:

  • Profile: Allows you to update your personal information on file.
  • Payment: Allows you to make any changes to your payment details.
  • Data Usage: Allows you to see how the data you have provided is being used.


Logging out

To log out from your dashboard, navigate your profile avatar in the top-right corner. When clicking on this avatar, you will see the Logout button.

Managing your campaigns

You can accept new campaigns, manage your active campaigns, and view your campaign history on the Campaigns tab of your dashboard.Screenshot

All new campaign offers will be shown in the Active section of the Campaigns tab. Click into these new opportunities to view the brand, post requirements, due dates, and payment. You can then accept or decline the opportunity. 

Once you have accepted a campaign offer, your network or agency can send you a contract or any other necessary information. Once you receive a contract, you can sign it from your dashboard or through your email.

Once the campaign is active, you can track post requirements directly under the campaign.

Here, you will also submit your campaign posts for approval. Your posts will populate on the campaign page as you fulfill them.Screenshot

Beyond managing active and upcoming campaigns, you can view your campaign history under the Completed tab.

Connecting and disconnecting your social accounts

If you would like to connect additional social accounts to your account, or disconnect an account, you can do so from your dashboard.


When you connect a social account to Influence, you will also authenticate it to grant Influence permission to collect data from the account. Certain social platforms, such as Instagram, may require additional authentication steps. To learn more about why authentication is required and get help with any troubleshooting, visit our article on Authenticating Social Accounts in Influence.

Connecting additional accounts

On the Dashboard tab (homepage), you can see which accounts are currently connected to your influencer profile and you have a shortcut option to connect more accounts. You will see connection buttons for social platforms you have yet to connect, as well as a general + Add Account button where you can connect an account from any platform supported by Influence.

You can also connect social accounts via the Accounts tab. As with the Dashboard tab, use either the connection buttons for a platform you have yet to connect, or the + Add Account button to connect any type of account.

Please note that your network or agency will still need to review and screen the added social account(s) after you connect them. The newly added accounts will automatically be put into an application state of Applied for your network or agency to review after being connected.

Disconnecting accounts

If you no longer want Influence to have permission to gather non-public data from your social accounts, you can disconnect your accounts and revoke the authorization for Influence to access them. You can disconnect the account from Influence either natively within the social account itself, or via your influencer dashboard.

  1. From either your Dashboard tab (homepage) or Accounts tab, click on the account you would like to disconnect.
  2. Click on Revoke Authorization at the bottom of the account information window and follow the prompts to confirm that you would like to disconnect.

When the authorization is revoked from the account, Influence will no longer be able to pull any private data on the account. You can reconnect the account again at any time again via your dashboard.

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