Manually Adding and Bulk Importing Influencers

As an alternative to the influencer onboarding and application experience, you can manually add influencers, individually and in bulk, to your influencers roster for an easy and customizable transfer of customer relationship management (CRM) data into Influence.

Adding an individual influencer to your roster


To manually add a new influencer to your roster, your user account will need permission to edit influencers. If you have the correct access, you will see Add new influencer button in the top-right corner of the Influencers tab.

Click the Add new influencer button to add a new influencer to your roster manually.Add new influencer button.png

The fields and tabs you'll see in the process of adding a new influencer will depend on your account's permission, as well as your company's settings. You may not be able to see every option indicated in the following steps, but the overall process to add an influencer will be the same.Add new influencer screen.png

  1. In the first tab, Name & Socials, you'll be able to add general information about the influencer, such as their name and country. Make sure you fill out the fields marked with an asterisk (*) as these are mandatory. You can also choose to paste the URL of the influencer's social media accounts and click the +Add button to add each account to the profile. 


    When adding an influencer with a YouTube account, you will need to provide Influence the full YouTube channel URL that includes the YouTube channel ID (e.g. "").

    Your influencer can find their channel ID in their account settings. Alternatively, when viewing the YouTube channel's page in a browser, you can view the page source code and search ?channel_ID to find and copy the channel ID. When entering the YouTube URL into influence, make sure to format the URL as "" with the unique channel ID pasted into the URL.


    At this time, it is not possible for admins to add influencer non-authenticated Instagram accounts when adding influencers via the Influencers tool. We recommend that you skip adding influencer Instagram accounts during the manual add influencer flow. To learn more, visit our article on Authenticating Social Accounts.


    Due to Influence's integration with TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) API, it is not possible to connect and track non-authenticated, non-TTCM accounts in Influence. Influencers may be invited to authenticate their non-TTCM or TTCM accounts. Please visit our Authenticating Social Accounts article to learn more.

    When you have added all of the social accounts you can either click Save & Exit to create the influencer profile, or Add more info to continue adding information to the profile.

  2. The Profile Details tab is optional to fill out. In the first subsection, Personal Details, you can add many different fields of information for your influencer, such as birthday, state, address, or gender. Under the Group & Talent Manager subsection, you can specify which Group and Talent Manager to assign the influencer to. You can also add new or existing tags in the Tabs subsection to help your organization categorize the influencer, and add the influencer’s payment settings in Payment Details. Lastly, you can fill out any custom information fields for the influencer that your organization has set. You can choose to complete the profile by clicking Save & Exit, or adding more by clicking Add more info.
  3. The Contracts section is also optional. If you added any social accounts on the previous tab, you’ll have the option to add contracts for them. This is a good place to add partnership contracts such as those related to your terms of service or revenue shares. You can select which accounts the contract applies to, and select whether or not you want to send a standard contract for signature or upload a custom contract to send or one that has already been signed.

    Click the +Add New Contract button, and the following window will allow you to select Send New Standard Contract or Upload Custom Contract.

    To choose a new standard contract, select which contract you would like to send from the dropdown options. Once you have selected a contract, you can choose to make a signature required or optional before sending.

    The contracts available in the contracts dropdown have already been added in your Influence settings as standard contracts. Learn more about how to customize your standard contracts in our Influencer Settings article.

    If you choose to upload a custom contract for the influencer, fill out all of the information fields to customize your contract. Under Type of Contract, you can select either Send for signature or Already Signed. If you select Send for signature, the influencer will be emailed a link to sign this contract or be presented with the contract signature page before signing into their Influencer dashboard. Select Already Signed if the influencer has already signed the contract outside of the system.

    When you are finished adding contracts, be sure to save the contract and then click Save & Exit to complete the influencer profile, or click Add more info to proceed to the next section.

  4. If your company has connected a YouTube content owner, you will be able to set revenue shares for any YouTube channels you've added for the new influencer on the Percentages tab. You can set different revenue shares for different revenue buckets and also define how any remaining revenue should be split between the company, the influencer's group, and the influencer's talent manager.

    When finished, click Save & Exit to complete your influencer’s profile. You will be taken to the influencer’s profile and the influencer will now be available in your Influencers roster. 

Bulk importing influencers


When bulk importing influencers, make sure the number of influencers in your list are within your CRM limit. You can check your influencers limit anytime in the top-right corner of the Influencers tool. If your list contains more influencers than you can add to the CRM, you will see an error message asking you to delete some of the influencers.Influencers allotment.png

If you need to add several influencer profiles to your CRM, you can do this by importing a CSV or XLSX file with their information. To get started, click the Add new influencer button in the top-right of the Influencers tab, and then click the Add multiple influencers button that appears in the top-right of the next page.Add mulitple influencers.png

The bulk import tool allows you to upload a CSV or XLSX file with the columns of your choosing, but there are a few key things you need to keep in mind when you prepare your file for import:

  • A few fields, such as Influencer Name, are always mandatory to include in your import sheet. More fields, such as Country or Email, may also be required in your import sheet depending on your company’s settings in Influence. We recommend that you go through the flow of adding a single influencer to your roster to determine which information fields are mandatory before doing a bulk import.
  • Add one social media account per row in your CSV/XLSX file. For example, if you are adding a new influencer with five social media accounts, you should add five separate rows for that influencer, each social media account URL on its own row.


    TikTok account URLs obtained via the Share (arrow) button on a TikTok profile will include extra code in the URL for TikTok's tracking purposes, which our bulk upload tool will reject. To avoid this issue, ensure that any TikTok account URLs in your bulk upload spreadsheet are the raw account URL and stripped of any additional tracking code. For example, "" vs. ""

  • You will need to include a column for Email address in your spreadsheet if you are adding multiple social media accounts per influencer, as the import tool identifies which social media accounts belong to the same influencer using the Email address field. Please ensure you add a unique email address for each influencer. If you don't know the influencer’s email address, you can use a dummy email address for the import and replace it later, e.g. image12.png
  • We support analytics tracking on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (Twitter), Twitch and TikTok. If you would like to add a link to another social media platform or website, you can include columns for these links in your import file and they will be included in the influencer's profile, but no analytics will be displayed for these pages.

  • When you upload your file, the import tool will try to automatically match the columns in your spreadsheet to our default influencer fields. You will be able to review and edit these matches after your file is uploaded and before you initiate the import. If the system wasn’t able to match a column to an available default field, you can add a custom field for it. Please see the full list of default fields below, and each field's required format. image7.png

Default influencer fields

Field Format Example

Influencer ID*

Number 123456

Social media account URL

First name Free text John
Last name Free text Doe
Email address String with valid email format
Gender Male/Female/Other Male
Telephone number Number 5555555555
Birth date YYYY-MM-DD 1990-01-01
Tags String of text with comma to create multiple tags drone,music,sport
Group Free text Foodies
Country ISO code US
City Free text Los Angeles
State Free text CA
Street address Free text 123 Street Name
Zip code Number 55555
Admin notes Free text This is a note
Talent manager Free text Anna Smith

Influencer Dashboard Language**

Country name or code for supported language English

Influencer % of YouTube Ads & Subscriptions from Partner Provided***

Number 70

Influencer % of YouTube Ads & Subscriptions from UGC***

Number 70

Influencer % of YouTube Paid Features***

Number 70

Influencer % of YouTube Owned & Operated Channels***

Number 70

Talent Manager % of Company Earnings***

Number 50

Contract Signature Date****

YYYY-MM-DD 1990-01-01

Contract Duration in Months****

Number (provide if contract is non-renewing) 12

Contract Initial Term Length in Months****

Number (provide if contract is auto-renewing) 12

Contract Termination Notice in Months****

Number (required if "Contract Initial Term Length" is provided) 1

Contract Notes****

Free text This is a note

*Only include if the influencer's profile already exists in your CRM and you wish to update or add information to it.

**Only available if additional dashboard languages have been enabled for your company.

***Only available if you're using our Network Payments feature, and only applicable to YouTube channels.

****Only for account-level contracts, such as exclusivity contracts, and not applicable to campaign-level contracts.

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