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The Influence system provides a number of automated emails to influencers when you initiate certain actions, and also allows you to send your own mass emails to all or select influencers in your roster. In this article, learn about the types of automated emails available to influencers and how to send mass emails in Influence.


This article describes email communications for influencers who have completed the onboarding process or have been manually/added imported to the CRM. For more information on email communications to influencers during the onboarding process, please visit our article  Onboarding Influencers.

Types of Outbound Emails to Influencers

The following sections describe the types and formats of emails influencers receive when you send them mass emails, campaign briefs, contracts, and more. A log of all emails sent to the influencer will be available in the influencer’s profile.


All outbound automated emails from Influence will be sent from the preset outbound email address set up by your company in your Influence settings. Your company logo will also be included at the top of the email. Visit our article on Company Settings to learn how to adjust your company settings such as your outbound email address and logo.

Mass email

If you send a mass email to influencers through the Mass email feature in the Influencers tab, they will receive a regular email with a subject, body and attachment. The mass email is customizable; see the Mass Emailing Influencers section below to learn more.

Account contract email

When sending an account contract, the system will send an automated email to send your influencer a link to view and sign the contract. You can send a new account contract at any time by going to Influencers > Onboarding, then selecting Influencer Details under your Influencer's settings (gear icon) and clicking the Contract tab. From here, simply select an account and a contract template, then click Save to send the email.  Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 12.33.41 PM.png

When the influencer clicks the contract link in the email, it will take them to a page to review the contract, add in their address information, and click to sign. Once the influencer clicks to sign, they will receive another email with the contract attached.

Campaign message

When sending a standard message in Campaigns, this influencer will receive the message in their inbox with your logo at the top of the email.

Campaign brief

A campaign brief will appear with your logo at the top of the screen. It will outline all of the post requirements and overall cost. If you include an attachment, it will display the attachment as well as the description of the attachment. An influencer can either accept or decline the campaign brief. Should they accept, it will reroute them to a page confirming that they accepted. 

Campaign contract

A campaign contract will look very similar to a campaign brief. Instead of asking the influencer to accept or deny, it will prompt the influencer to sign the contract for the campaign. When they click the link in the email, it will redirect them to a page to enter in their personal information and click to sign.

Emails on content submission

You can now manually trigger an email notification to be sent directly to the influencer after they've submitted their post for approval or comment.

You can choose exactly when you want to reach out to your influencers and keep them up-to-date on the latest developments in your campaign. Whether you want to send a notification email a few days after commenting on their posts, or simply keep them in the loop on campaign progress.

When reviewing a post, click on the envelope icon to send an email notification to the influencer of the approval/latest comment on the post.

Mass Emailing Influencers

You can send emails to a group or category of influencers from within the Influencers tool. From the Influencers tab, click on the Send mass email (envelope) icon in the top-right corner of the page. Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 11.28.57 AM.png

In the following window, select the types of influencers you want to email based on their groups, tags, authentication states, and/or application states.

Once you've chosen who you will be emailing, you can proceed in writing your email at the bottom of the page. Your account email is automatically set as the Reply to email address, but you can edit this. Fill out the Subject and Body to your liking, and then click Send to email the message to all of the influencers you've chosen. image2.png

A log of all of the emails you have sent to your influencers will be visible under the Sent Emails tab at the top Mass email tool. You’ll be able to see each message, who it was sent to, and how many of your emails were delivered.

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